The Future is Now

JDS OT’s is focused on providing innovative and disruptive technologies, to a broad range of customers, in support of unlocking solutions to enhance long-term profitability, operational safety and security. 

Our team recognizes the importance of the bottom line. It takes pride in our proven experience leading joint ventures, cross-industry partnerships, and successful implementation of technology to enhance and provide competitive value-added operational efficiencies.

Our Mission

To enable industrial, commercial, and critical infrastructure operators to dramatically improve the reliability, safety, and cyber security of their assets, with minimal financial or human resources and without disrupting existing Industrial Control Systems.

JDS OT is providing cutting-edge services for our clients to ensure operational resilience and heightened granularity. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Operational Resilience, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • (AI/ML) algorithmic processing
  • Development for Industrial Control Systems (ICSs


SIGA OT Solutions ltd is a young and dynamic company, led by synergetic and highly experienced managers, R&D, commercial and operational teams. SIGA developed a unique OT & Cyber Security, protocol agnostic solutions based on raw electrical signals of level 0 – sensors and actuators monitoring, with a range of solutions at commercial stage, and with over 30 installations worldwide. The Siga technology is U.S. patented and ISO 27001- Certified, providing OT monitoring, anomaly detection and cybersecurity solutions for commercial, industrial, critical infrastructure, ICS and SCADA systems. Siga Data Security and Siga OT Solutions Inc., a Delaware corporation, boasts satisfied customers in the United States, Europe, Singapore, Japan, and Israel, and were named a Gartner “Cool Vendor” for Industrial IoT and OT Security in 2018, and are a recipient of the EU Research and Innovation program – Horizon 2020.