About Us

JDS Group of Companies

JDS was formed by Jeff Stibbard following his 20 years in mine operations and construction as a mining engineer. In that time, he worked at over 13 operational mines and also built some of Canada’s world-class resource facilities to include BHP’s Ekati, the country’s first diamond mine, as well as Shell’s Albian oil sands project. Working closely with accomplished leaders and mentors, local community leaders, First Nations and financial professionals alike, Jeff became imbued with an entrepreneurial spirit common among successful resource development professionals. Leaving Fort McMurray, Jeff ventured out to create JDS Energy & Mining. With the help of his mining colleague friends, together they established a company of professionals with a kick-ass get it done reputation, engineering and building out many more great mines around the world. Today, the JDS Group of Companies has grown to include venture capital, magnetite production, health and safety, aviation, mining equipment, and a growing railway maintenance and construction company, Cariboo Central Railroad Contracting.